Project Loans

Project Loans With project loan, a company can arrange for a loan based on the cash flow generated at the end of a project while using the assets, rights, and interests of the concerned project as collateral. As this scheme provides financial aid off balance sheet, the credit of the Government contracting authority or the shareholders is not affected. Since Project Financing shifts part of the risk associated with the project to the lenders, this financial plan is one of the most preferred options for private sector companies. This structured financing technique is implemented mostly by the sectors that have low technological risks and a predictable market. Therefore, the process of funding a project using Project loan is generally employed by companies in the telecommunication, mining, transportation, and power industries. Sports and entertainment venue projects also often avail the benefit of this financing services.

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Rate of interest starts from 11.99% onwards for Project Loans

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Loans can be acquired in 7 working days.

We offer you doorstep services for your convenience.

Customer can choose a bank of their choice to avail the loan.

There are no hidden charges.

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All types of after sales services are also available, such as, Top-up and Balance transfer, etc.