Old House Purchases Loans

What is a Old House Purchases? There is misconception in the mind of many people that you cannot get a home loan for an old house and it is only the flat bought from builder that you get a home loan. You can certainly get a home loan to buy an old house subject to satisfaction of certain other conditions. Most people prefer for a house which is ready to move in, whether it’s a new or old house. We help you acquire loans for both old & new house.

Single Services

Rate of interest starts from 8.55% onwards for Old House Purchase

We help you acquire loans with less documentation.

Loans can be acquired in 7 working days.

We offer you doorstep services for your convenience.

Customer can choose a bank of their choice to avail the loan.

There are no hidden charges.

We give our services very quickly.

All types of after sales services are also available, such as, Top-up and Balance transfer, etc.