Mortgage Loans

Mortgage Loans A mortgage loan is a loan in which property is used as collateral. The borrower gets into an agreement with the lender, at which point the borrower receives cash up front, then makes payments over a set time interval until he/she pays back the lender completely.Mortgage loans are usually into home buyers without adequate cash on hand to purchase the home. They are also used to acquire cash from a bank for other projects using their house as collateral.

Single Services

Rate of interest starts from 9.5% onwards for Mortgage Loans.

We help you acquire loans with less documentation.

Loans can be acquired in 7 working days.

We offer you doorstep services for your convenience.

Customers can choose a bank of their choice to avail the loan.

There are no hidden charges.

We give our services very quickly.

All types of after-sales services are also available, such as Take over, Top-up and Balance transfer, etc.